The Rescued Ponies

September 2016 we were fortunate to be able to offer a stable and long term home for two young ponies recently purchased at a horse livestock auction. Both were purchased right before being sold to a known “meat buyer” and enduring a long, painful, lonely and journey to Mexico for the meat slaughter house. For those of you reading this and thinking “Mexico meat slaughter? A horse?”

Yes, it is true. Horses are slaughtered at a alarming rate and frequency. Records from 2009 suggest that Mexico alone processes up to 78,000 TONS of horse meat a year!!! This meat business does not end in Mexico. It is a nationwide practice.

While I myself do not condone the practice of harvesting healthy horse meat for consumption, I do have a hard time stomaching the process. The same process that has prompted me to start a farm and raise my own meat. The same process that has brought these two amazing ponies to live with us here on our farm.

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