The Ravens Nest Camping Site

Located at the operational Fox and Crow Farm in Barnstead, NH, enjoy the homesteading lifestyle with privacy you cant find anywhere else. Drive through the gates and enter the farm where you will visit with the owners, Jared and Erin, their 2 working dogs, 2 Ponies and assortment of livestock. Pick some fresh fresh fruit or veggies from the community garden before you park your car at the end of the dirt road and prepare for your journey into the woods by foot, snowshoe, horse, atv, etc
Located between Road Major and Road Minor, you will find a small labeled path to your tent site. The tent site will include a modest sized fire pit for cooking and warmth, fire wood to burn, a tent platform and a toilet.
Enjoy the sounds of nature and the stars at night.
Be prepared for a visit from some indigenous wild critters. This farm is 100 acres but surrounded by hundreds of additional undeveloped land.
Find the major roads and enjoy a hike down to the Crooked Run River for some relaxation, fly fishing or for a dip in the cool clean water.

We provide: Fire Wood, access to water for drinking/cooking, wagon to transport your camping gear, on-site parking, seasonal fruits and veggies and meat (for extra fee), dog and horse boarding (for extra fee)
Campers must provide the following:
Tent and Gear
Bug Spray

*Dog and Horse Boarding Available for additional fee. Inquire for details.

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