Remote Camping in New Hampshire

The “Raven’s Nest” Remote Camping Site
Located at the operational Fox and Crow Farm in Barnstead, NH, enjoy the homesteading lifestyle with privacy you cant find anywhere else. Drive through the gate and enter the farm. Park your car at the end of the dirt road and prepare the journey into the woods by foot, snowshoe, horse, atv, etc. Site includes tent platform, picnic table and toilet. We are Equine Friendly! Cable zipline available at site to hitch your horse. This is the only campsite and is located in the middle of the woods.
Here are some of the reviews from people who have stayed at the campsite:
“Erin’s property is the perfect secluded woodsy getaway we needed after a busy few months. they have it set up very well to tent and next time we will! it is on 100 acres of beautiful land and you can roam in peace. The fire pit is great and we had an awesome time roaming around with our dog, making a fire and just taking in the beautiful woods and sounds of animal life. Erin and her husband were so friendly and welcoming. we would definitely come again.”
“This is a great place to camp if you are looking for the feeling of secluded wilderness forest camping but still close enough to walk out to your parked car. We arrived later in the evening. Erin provided us with a garden cart to carry our stuff into the campsite, big water jug, headlights (we forgot to bring our own), and a box full of wood to start the campfire. The campsite was few minutes walk from where we parked our car. It was after the nightfall, so it was a little hard to find the campsite. The site itself is big enough and there was a large firepit. They also provided us with a lot of firewoods near the pit. We enjoyed the campfire a lot longer than usual :). The moon was unusually bright and gave us plenty of light, but the place is really secluded and I could see it becoming totally dark without any light sources. We were also visited by a night owl and could hear woodpeckers during the night. Overall, it was unique camping experience for us.”

Very secluded, ample wild life, and excellent fishing. I would highly recommend.”


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