Farm Raised Pork, Free Range Chicken and Eggs, Soaps, Herbs and Farm Made Gifts

The Fox and Crow Farm

Located in Barnstead, NH

Founded in 2015

Welcome to the Fox and Crow Farm Family! We’re glad you’re here.

Farming, it ain’t easy! But it is very rewarding. Every day, week, month, year; we work. We work to provide ourselves, our animals and our families with an enriching life, food and culture. We work to build a strong community and to teach others life skills through hard work and dedication. The culture we have created here at the farm is based on sustainable farming practices, community involvement, ethical and humane treatment of all of our animals and a true respect, love and dedication to our heritage.

So thank you for being a part of what we do!

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Farm Made Flock Block, Chicken Suet

Want a healthy, fun, boredom buster idea for your chickens? Why not try a farm made Chicken Suet! Now, I happen to be making my Flock Block from the left over suet when I boiled down

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Pork Liver Jerky Treats, For the Dog 🙂

I love my dogs. I love feeding them good quality tasty food. I also HATE wasting... anything. As a farmer I am constantly working to preserve my food whether grown on a tree or in the

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  • Penny with her new leather halter

The Day Penny Came Home

September 24, 2016 was the day. It was the day that our new filly, Penny, would be coming home to live on the farm with us. It was a day I will never forget. Penny was