Today was a good day

I just had a break through with my horse Tango. I think we both felt it and it was too amazing not to share with you.

Tango has mounting issues. Mounting from the ground, a mounting block and even just being elevated around her. She gets mean, ears go farther back than I have ever seen on a horse, bites at her shoulder, has bitten me, swishes her tail and stomps her back foot.

I have tried several different methods and I always get results but this issue just never seems to really go away.

Today I just stood on a tree stump in her paddock. Tango came to me (came to me!!) and turned her ears and started being all pissy. I put my hands in my pockets and just shifted my weight left to right and took deep breaths. Tango moved in closer to me. If I looked at her or moved my hand towards her I would get the sass. So I didnt. I just stood there minding my own business. She kept moving in closer and closer to me. Her breath got longer and longer and she shifted her weight right into me.

Now we must have stood there for about 15 minutes and I could tell she was falling asleep. Her lower lip was sagging, her head was low, her ears forward. I leaned in to her and touched her.

Tango turned her head real quick and I thought for sure she was going to go sour. She didnt!

Here I was, standing on the stump, elevated, my hip at her withers (she put herself there mind you) and I was touching her without any fuss.

What was different about today than all the other days?
I am working on mounting my little rescue TWH, Penny. I have had her since she was a wee little rescued filly and I earned her trust and confidence in me by working with her little bits at a time. That time has built this amazing bond. Today she let me sit up on her bareback and get on and off several times without a fuss. Why am I not doing this with Tango? How is she any different?

Today I let her decide how much was too much and when it felt right for her just by simply letting her be there. No halter, lead rope, nothing. She was there at her own free will. 15 minutes of relaxation and trust building was better than the 15 minutes of fighting with her to get a mount. She gave me something I honestly have never really asked her to give me. Her honest and sincere approval of the mount and just like Penny, it will take time. So, just like Penny, she will have as much time as she needs. I plan to live with her for rest of our lives so we will make the most of it.

Today was such a good day.

Why didn’t I think of that before?

I am sharing my revelation with you now so you don’t miss out on this like I did.

We just “beefed” up our laying hen production. We went from our 4 laying hens in 2018 to 30 laying hens in 2019. This called for a whole new approach to EVERYTHING.

  • A bigger chicken house
  • Easier clean up
  • More water and feed and a better management of that
  • More nesting boxes (and ones that they will actually use)
  • A bigger, taller outdoor aviary for them where they are protected from Ravens, Owls, Fox, Coyotes, and everything else

So, what my BIG revelation?????????

A roosting bar over a sand box

Clean up works like this: kitty litter scooper, bucket, no more poop.

You can thank me now or later on when you install one in your chicken house.

And your birds will thank you too since they LOVE rolling around and scratching at sand.


The Fox and Crow Farm Store

Have I mentioned that THIS IS THE YEAR!!!????

  1. This is the year we open our Farm Store right here on the farm
  2. This is the year we offer our Online Store, open 24/7
  3. This is the year we are selling our farm raised meats, eggs and goodies to YOU
  4. This is the year we are offering HOME DELIVERY!!!
  5. This is the year of the FOXBOX

When, you ask?

Well, when we get through the red tape of licensing, insurance, labeling and taxes. We are just weeks away from our Grand Opening!!!! But, that wont stop me from sharing our farm store page with you now.


Jared and I have been raising our free range, free foraging and grass fed hogs for several years now but this year we will be offering our pork cuts directly to you. All USDA packaged and with the option of Smoked cuts and thick cut bacon.

We have 30 laying hens going into production so we can ensure you will never have to buy commercially raised eggs from the grocery store ever again.

We have free range meat birds pecking away at the grass, bugs and enjoying the sun while stretching their wings on our farm ready to provide you with the healthiest and most delicious chicken.

Have you been watching all of our BBQ sauces, BBQ Dry Rubs and recipes? Our Soap Bars? Our dog treats, our horse cookies…?????????? Yes, you guessed it!!! Those will soon be for sale through our farm store.

And whats this about HOME DELIVERY???? ……… Ok, so we have a few secrets we aren’t ready to reveal just yet, but soon. All I can say is: FOXBOX

Heres what you need to know:

  1. Follow uS and Watch for Updates
  2. Buy from us and Help Support your Local Farmers
  3. Share our Page and our message with your friends and family members
  4. Love yourself, your body and mind, and take care of Mother Earth. We will and we do <3



Welcome Home Tango!!!

Tango, our new horse on the farm, did great last night. This was her first night in a few years outside and not barn stalled. It was cold, breezy and crappy weather.

Tango, our new horse on the farm, did great last night. This was her first night in a few years outside and not barn stalled. It was cold, breezy and crappy weather. We tried our best to recreate her stall environment with lofty pine shavings and plenty of hay and water for her right in reach in her run-in shelter. She spent some time at the fence getting to know Penny and Sancho and seems to have spent the rest of her time in the run-in. I went out early this morning to check on her and she was in good spirits.

I always get stressed and emotional when I think they are. Thank god for Jared for keeping me in line. Our horses are better then I could ever imagine.

Farming for the Holidays

Nothing makes me feel more like a “farmer” than making homemade gifts for the holidays. I have a special Texas BBQ sauce recipe that everyone loves. This Christmas I made a huge batch and gave them away as gifts.

Nothing makes me feel more like a “farmer” than making homemade gifts for the holidays. I have a special Texas BBQ sauce recipe that everyone loves. This Christmas I made a huge batch and gave them away as gifts.

Late summer 2017 we picked several pounds of blueberries from local fields. I love a fresh batch of lump blueberry sauce. I love my sauce when the blueberries stay nice and round. Of course, you can only achieve this with “Low Bush” blueberries since they are much smaller. High Bush plants produce berries that are delicious but way too big for spreading and dipping.

Lastly, the homemade soap bars. Sometimes made from rendered pork or beef fat but this batch was a lye based mixed with clean and soft mixtures of oils. Though I don’t mind the lumpy lard based soaps, I know many people are not fond of the idea. Rendering lard can be cumbersome and a lot of work too.

All in all, another year of creative farm projects that I can share with those I love the most. I love what I do. I love sharing what I do. I can’t wait until Christmas!

Renovation weekend!

We are finally getting the kitchen project off to a great start! The flooring installers just came and went and left us with a beautiful vintage inspired sheet vinyl. See link to floor and manufacturer:

I chose this floor so it wouldnt look like your standard faux tile, stone, brick or wood. I wanted a “tweed” textured floor with the colors that would match my cabinets and walls.

IVC Floors.

Next we are applying the final coats of paint to the kitchen cabinets and OFF we go to the hardware store to get our counter top material, stain and finish.