About Us

Several years ago, when Jared and I were still going through the “getting to know”
each other dating phase, we both found a connection. A connection that seemed to bring to two of us closer thaIMG_2502n details about favorite food or color… we both knew that we had a profound interest in the outdoors. I remember asking Jared, “If you could own a water front home or a home with a great mountain view, which one would you prefer?” He says, without hesitation, “The mountain!” We talked about it for a few minutes but it was the memories we built while spending time on these great mountains and enjoying views, together.

We shared our first apartment in Portland Maine. We had a 469371_10151143637576897_1752710158_overy busy Monday through Sunday schedule of social events, live music, dancing, eating, drinking. I introduced Jared to a family I had known for several years, Bev and Brian Hendricks. They “took” me in as a farm hand of sorts and Bev taught me skills about organic farming and just working damn hard.  I enjoyed being at their house. They lived “in the middle of nowhere” and had a very “simple” way of life filled with love, laughter and wine. Jared and I found ourselves visiting them often, bringing our boat or canoes and dogs to that area every chance we had. We couldn’t get enough. We wanted it more, we wanted to be a part of it every day.

My parents gave us our chance. They offered us their house in Harrison Maine. Situated on 5 modest acres, at the top of a hill with views of Shawnee Peak, Long Lake, surrounded by trees, lakes, ponds, streams, wildlife. It was an old early 1800’s colonial that my dad had restored. I loved this house! It was scary, beautiful, safe, warm, charming and still quite rustic. It came with a huge red english barn, a revived post and beam 3 bay garage/workshop, and privacy. It was there that Jared and I decided to try our own hand at “farming.”

I slowly talked Jared into laying hens, but hey, if you get those why not meat birds! We went to a small seminar at the local feed store to learn about birds and set next to a man who raised hogs. This was an easy sell, we will get both laying hens, meat birds and hogs and just see how it goes. But I just couldn’t shake the idea of raising meat rabbits. I propositioned him for this idea and before you knew he was in the post and beam work shop building me rabbit cages. (I know what you’re thinking, a match made in heaven and I agree)

I’ll make the very long story short. Jared and I did it. We both had more than full time jobs, we had weeds growing beyond my garden rows (but we still got veggies), we had more peaches than one person can blanch and freeze (but we still made some amazing peach cobblers and peach ice cream), we had apples, cherries, fresh rabbit meat, fresh eggs and the best damn pork you CAN’T buy at the store.  Our experience left us with a lasting impression. “We can do this!”

We both took new jobs and moved to New Hampshire and the quest for the new “farm” had begun.  To read more about the farm, please check out the link and read on. We promise to update this page with farm updates, recipes, skills, investments and hopefully our livestock. We have big plans and we cant wait to share them with you.

To learn more about Jared

To learn more about Erin

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