“I take your hands in mine, and with this string I will entwine, your powers I’ll forever bind, from now until the end of time.”

Jared and Erin are finally getting married and we want you to be a part of their experience.

Date: August 18, 2018

Time: The wedding ceremony will take place at 3:00 pm sharp. We encourage people to show up a little early to familiarize yourselves with the property and give yourself enough time to make it to the ceremony at 3pm.

Location: The Fox and Crow Farm, 948 Province Road, Barnstead, NH 03218

About the Farm: This is a working farm. The ceremony will take place on their 100 acre property in the woods. We ask that you please plan to dress accordingly. No flip flops, no high heel shoes please.  You can either walk to the ceremony location or take a tractor ride to the location. Tractor transportation will begin at 2:30pm. This is an all-outdoor event. We can only anticipate it will be hot during the day and cooler at night. The ceremony will be rain-or-shine.

Dress/Attire: We encourage everyone to dress casual. Denim is acceptable. shorts are cool and boots, sneakers and casual footwear is appropriate. Please no heeled shoes, flip flops or open shoes!! You will want layers. It will likely be hot during the day and cool at night. (average high temp is 80 degrees, average low temperature is 60 degrees) This is a rain or shine event so you might want to bring some rain coats and umbrella in case it rains. Bug spray will be provided.

Parking: There is ample parking onsite. We ask that you please follow the signs and park where requested.

Planning to stay: Onsite camping locations will be provided on a reservation only basis. Please contact Erin for the details about planning your camping experience. You will need to provide your own tent, and camping gear. Fire pits and firewood are available at the farm. Please do not bring your own firewood!

Hotels are available around the area. We recommend:




About the Ceremony: The actual wedding ceremony will be officiated by Nick Belkas. Nick has been a long time friend of both Jared and Erin. To make many long and interesting stories very short…. if it weren’t for Nick then there would be no Jared and Erin today.

Food/Drinks: This is a potluck/BYOB event. We encourage you to bring a food item and drink to share. We will have several grills cooking all day and night. Coolers will be provided for drinks. Some food and drinks will be provided but there will not be a formal dinner or reception.

Why 8/18/18?: The first quarter moon in August symbolizes strength, determination, concentration, decision making and commitment to action. The moon rise is at noon with the best view of the first quarter moon at 6pm. The moon will set at midnight. We hope to have an unobstructed view of our moon during the entire day and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Our moon will be a symbol of our union.

Registry and Gifts: Although we appreciate the generosity of all of you and the formality of wedding registries,  we are asking that you please refrain from feeling obligated to provide us with any gifts. We are truly blessed to have our home, health and each other and have been fortunate to surround ourselves with the essentials for a comfortable home.

If you insist, donations to be applied to the wedding fund or just because can be made here:


Want to get a gift but you want to get something they need?





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